Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bersih 2.0 & Najib

Whenever a government is too dependent on the system – ISA like solution, it will have the same fate as what happend elswhere (Middle east etc). I think Najib did the right thing when offering the stadium because that’s the new ways of getting the rebellious youngsters’ vote.

Well, that should be at least on the surface.

That is also the same strategy used by our neighbour, Singapore – No more Minister Mentor, president wants to call it a day etc. They wanted to be seen as ‘listening to the people’ type because they can’t control the mass media (read: mind) as much as before.

Najib understands this.

I just hope that below the surface, Najib can work out something from this rally. I foresee his target will be the silence voters who didn’t turn out in the stadium but the one who observes.

Yes, when Najib offers to legalized the rally, Bersih now have achieved one of it’s objectives therefore will make them less relevant. People who at first are against the suppressor (50-50 type) will no longer have the mood because suppresion is not happening.

Well, we don’t have to care about the 10% fanatics. They have no brain and anything that Najib do will never satisfied them. We can see them on stage later during the rally or the one with big grin.

This is also a good way for Najib to gauge his support, outside from his own circle.

Ah finally, I’d rather evaluate the turnout for this Bersih rally for Najib to find ways to recapture them before PRU13. At least the PRU trumpet is still with Najib. He can call it when his popularity is at the peak (Which he can work it out)

Welcome to the new way of playing politics