Monday, July 27, 2009

In defense of Tun Dr Mahathir : Kaki dalam kasut

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I am offended, when my Chinese friends dare to question my rights. They’re on the other hand, calling me RACIST for defending it.

Normally whenever I feel offended, I will start to play the offensiveness and attackingness. It’ll get worst now because I am a DOUBLE RACIST to them, which is weird considering they’re the one who started off this fight.

When I explain about how I feel, they say I shouldn’t be because they’re condemning my rights in the name of equality. They say, I’m not treating them equally before and now I should take the blame.

Unfortunately, when I ask the same equality in sharing the economy for example, they’re calling me a TRIPLE RACIST for bringing that up.

They say it’s me who work less smart, lazy and without knowledge, deliberately forgetting the fact that their forefathers had been given the job by British as businessmen, when my forefathers only as fishermen.

Of course, it is never equal and now I’m suggesting that they should treat us equally by sharing their British-given business too. By now, I’m a QUADRAPLE RACIST.

So, I bring up another issue to show how we should start off 'equal' from the very beginning. I beg them to be in the same school as one Malaysia race, and you know what they call me – BORN RACIST for wanting us to learn in the same school, having the same childhood and grow old together.

Now, I know ‘equality’ is only when they’re having all the advantages, which unfortunately is a racist gesture at its CORE.

So, I understand about that basic now but what is new to me is why my Malay friends now are also calling me RACIST!

They called me racist for DEFENDING their rights, asking EQUAL share of economy and SHARING the same school for our Malaysia.

Probably, they thought they’ve worked hard, they’re brilliant and they don’t need people to defend for them when the fact is, they have slightest clue about what is happening. They deliberately forgot about the scholarships, about the quota that helps them and about the textbook that was translated for them. Now, they get madder because they said they didn’t need all that and doesn’t owe a thing especially to UMNO.

Of course by now I know the fact that they’re actually filthiest rich and are now trying to be a ‘champion on equality’, which obviously something they cannot relate. They have level up their ass with a degree, a good paycheck and they can stand on their own.

They’re not the poor village Malays who were destined to be a fisherman as I told you before. Probably they even don’t know that no fisherman can be a millionaire, especially when they have no money to buy a big boat.

However, it’s different to some people where they can now venture into anything, manufacture almost anything and be the pioneer on everything when their forefathers inherited them a fortune they made 5 decades ago.

They of course credited all these to only their hard work, perseverance and knowledge whereas they missed out one important thing – the opportunity they got from the British divide-and-rule policies to achieve what they’re today.

So, if you want to talk about inequality, don't be that selective. Don't dare to talk the topic which ONLY YOU have advantage over it and say it's for 'equality' and keep silent about some.

Remember, DEB is only to protect Malays from being a total consumer, not to steal your 'hard-earned' money (Which actually comes from our 'hard-earned' salary by the way). We just make that quota in order for you not to steal EVERYTHING from us.

Remember who starts this fight?

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