Friday, August 29, 2008

When Malaysia Today is Gone.,

1. I have seen a documentary that a people can earn up to USD17k per month for a million hit they get.

2. Obviously someone is using the same technique to generate his income and yet not paying the sue he losts and not being responsible for the chaos he makes. He didn't even believe in open court, facts or the consequences he had made.

3. In fact, he is too coward to face all the real people he accused.

4. For this kind of blogger, anything else is not important except for the daily hits he gets. All he wants is a story. A story that he can gain from.

5. He is willing to accuse everybody from BN or PR without proof and getting the hits for his sensations. He is willing to make stories in order to maintain chaos and gain something out of it.

6. He provokes extremist in BN and PR so that he will be in the headlines and both parties are in chaos.

7. He knew, PR will back him up if BN uses ISA, and BN will back him up if he exposes PR's skeleton.

8. This signifies how irresponsible he is and how the fame is what he need.

9. Irresponsible people shall not be entertained. In fact, they shall be avoided at any cost as the Joker in the movie Batman.

10. Joker only wants chaos in order for him to prove that everyone is as evil as him. Raja Petra illustrates this character.

11. If he is a true journalist that hates BN so much, he can write at Harakah's or even Suara Keadilan, but he will not do so since he do not want to attack BN alone. He wants to make hits whenever any story surfaces.

12. Blocking Malaysia Today will block Raja Petra's income. This is what matters to him apart from the content of his writings. He knew he had lost his dignity and he care less about laws and orders.

13. Unfortunately, the power to do this is in BN's hand and they're to be blamed for it. I believe, this blocking will be the first step before arresting him under ISA, if he insisted.

14. At that time, he may already be a billionaire and retire from writings if BN had not taken this first step.

15. Hopefully Malaysia will be in peace when Raja Petra losts his tools and suara rakyat is now in parliament. No more talking useless politics and dirty accusations without proof.

16. Parliament is the place where oppositions can make a difference and PR had completed their team for check and balance.

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