Friday, September 5, 2008

Throw Stones, Hide Hands

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1. Reading some of non-malay comments in Tun Mahathir's latest posting had made me laugh.

2. Some labeled Tun as a racist and started to yell that we should live as one Bangsa Malaysia. Some even implies that Tun does agrees to Ahmad’s remark by writing such article.

3. My opinion and I believe Tun's? Ahmad was wrong and he must apologize. He alone.

4. However, what amuses me is to see how these non-Malay use 'we as one Bangsa Malaysia' when it comes to making the Malays feeling guilty. Ironically, it does not apply when it comes to Sekolah Wawasan, Wee's art videos, abolishing of NEP and supporting of HINDRAF.

5. For those who didn't know, the chinese have rejected the ideas of Sekolah Wawasan because it is a 'one bangsa Malaysia' school where we can mingle with each other. They're also in support of abolishing NEP because it protects Malay from being economically discriminated by them and some secretly support Wee because his videos are merely 'art' not 'insult'.

6. These of course should not be considered as racist.

7. Indians on the other hand continues to support HINDRAF in exchange of MIC. They tend to believe that UMNO kills and discriminates Indians.

8. They forgot that out of their 9% small population, they already have their own university, most of them are in professional job-segment and they have the biggest temple in South East Asia there in Batu Caves. Plus, Malaysia comes with no caste (Kasta) as India itself!

9. Therefore, stop being such a hypocrite and stop condemning Malays alone. Everyone is responsible for this social sickness.

10. Don't throw the stones to us and hide, pretending that we didn't know.

11. On the other hand, don't expect us to throw the stones and apologize as if we're the only one who throws it!

12. We can only be one Bangsa Malaysia if only you fight for our rights and we fight for your rights. To get all you want and to have all we want is not the way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fellow Supporter of His Greatness the YB of Rembau,

Greetings from the people of Padedohland. Hmm, a hot topic you have decided to speak, but speak you must on this hot topic.

And so speaking of unity, you have shown the diversity, and in the diversity we can see how those who speak of becoming united, end up becoming diversifying.

Good business strategy.

Thus we wait for his greatness to return from his trip to Taiwan, so in coming back he may educate us on how to plant grass, so that in planting grass, our cows can eat, and in our cows eating, we may then eat them, which means we will be the eating the grass that the cow had ate, which our great leader went to taiwan to teach us how to plant.

And they say, you cant teach an old cow new tricks


MalayMind said...

Hi Mr PadeDoh,

I take great pride of you commenting in my blog.

But I need to correct you that I'm not the supporter of YB Rembau. I may consider later if he gives me something *lol

Anyway, I have no doubt that you have great mind in analyzing what I'm trying to say.

But you know the fact that I'm not talking only politics, right?