Friday, July 4, 2008

Theories of Altantunya

You guys can read the Statutory Declaration by Razak Baginda’s Private Investigator here and you can make your own conclusions.

As for me, I may just conclude from the Statutory Declaration that:

1. The PI was telling the truth.
2. It seems that Altantunya was more to chase Abdul Razak Baginda than Najib.

My theory, which may not correct are:

1. Najib had instructed Razak to have a plan so that their political team can be benefited from the Scorpene’s transaction indirectly.
2. As for Razak, he had tried to use Altantunya, his ‘wife’ (refer to SD 28.6) to get the commission as indirect as possible. He probably had over-promised Altantunya that leads to harassment and chasing incidents by her.
3. Razak had personally tried to suffice Altantunya’s greed by giving her some money etc and then later give up. He plotted her death as the final solution and hope to get away by asking police to do it.
4. The 2 convicted police, knowing the relations of Razak and Najib, executed the murder, which they thought was Najib’s order.
5. When Najib SMS Razak (refer to SD 52) that he will meet the IGP, he was not aware about Razak’s plan and how he had instructed the police on the murder. After the meeting, Najib knew Razak is now ‘burnt’.

The actor:
6. As for the PI for Razak, he may have told us the truth on what he saw and experienced at the moment, but he failed to disclose the bigger picture.
7. As for Razak now, he is now trapped. In order to save himself, he has nothing else but to blame Najib.
8. But for Najib, he knew that he had not to be responsible on how Razak executed this command. He may not know Altantunya, at the first place.

The convict:

1. Najib is guilty for instructing the indirect commission.
2. Razak had a failed plan to execute the command and now guilty of instructing the murder of Altantunya.
3. The 2 police are guilty for executing Razak’s instruction.

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goldflower said...

sadly that PI retracts part of statutory declaration :(