Monday, October 13, 2008

Malay Anthropology: The true revelation of Malay Openness

(Picture taken from lesson in anthropology forwarded in emails)

1. I read a lot about all these anthropology thingy about Malays. They had said that Malays was never existed, therefore should not be recognized as a race.

2. According to them, Tun Dr Mahathir is genetically Indian and Pak Lah himself is originated from Hainan. Jeanne Abdullah’s ancestor on the other hand was a Portuguese.

3. If that were the case, why would they bother to critic that the Malays is conquering the land, which is ironic?

4. Wake up Malaysian!

5. If 2 of our Prime Ministers are confirmed not truly Malay, why do you keep talking nonsense about how Malays oppressed non-Malay here in Malaysia?

6. I bet China and Singapore will not give the same opportunity to Javanese (Read: Malays) to be a Prime Minister unlike what you have here in Malaysia.

7. Therefore I wonder why do you hate Malay so much? (Read: Javanese, Pattanis etc)

8. We have given you so much!


Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

Hujah yang sangat berkesan, salam singgah.

PENDEKAR said...

kita manusia makhluk tuhan, apa bangsa sekalipun kita tetap makhluk tuhan.


Alyaniff said...

kepada pendekar, setuju yang kita semua makhluk tuhan, tapi apabila ada makhluk tuhan yang berlainan agama menindas makhluk tuhan yg beragama islam di negara islam, adakah kita hanya berpeluk tubuh? dan lebih menarik mereka yg konon2nya lebih islam dari yg lain menjadi pakatan kpd org bukan islam ini yang terang2 menolak islam. ya allah, jauhkanlah kami di malaysia ini dari org2 munafik. amin.