Tuesday, April 1, 2008

God Exist? Bullshit!

That's what an atheis will say.

When you asked them why, they'll start explaining why God should not exist using the physics experiments, mathematical theories and all the ups and downs and left and right.

Apart from the theories of the universe that create itself and the basic atoms that knows what to be, I'm sure, we cannot figure out exactly how things happened and why.

If the universe do 'accidentally' being made, the option of which planet to be what, is out of this 'accidental' control.

There must be some greater power, no matter what you and I think.

Oh, so you cannot see God, that's why you think He does not exist?

You can't feel God and that's why He's not here?

Then, with all these observations, you think that those believers should prove to you that God do exist.

Of course it is not your responsibility, right? You don't even believe God exist.

Think deep.

You think, human exist because of some molecules combine with this and that and then poooff, human was created.

And some other molecule combined and dooossshh, a pig was created.

Are you sure it happend just like that?

Hey friend, God do exist.

The prove you seek, is all around you. It's you that need to prove God do not exist in this all-things-showed-god-exist universe.

But who cares what you and I think right?

Burn in hell, my friend.

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